Located at 4340 Valverde Way · Colorado City, CO (Behind Family Dollar) · 719-676-3700
Mon - Thurs: 9:30am - 7:00pm · Fri - Sat: 9:30am - 8:00pm · Sun: 10:00am - 6:00pm · Drive-Thru Coming Soon!

Hack Shack Liquor provides a variety of liquor, wine, and beer for the communities of Colorado City, Rye, and the surrounding areas of Southern Colorado.

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With a variety to choose from, there’s something for everyone! This small, family-owned, community-adored business provides more than just a cold beverage. They create a reason to bring people together, to enjoy one another’s company, unwind, and to celebrate life’s events. Hack Shack Liquor is ready to serve you!

Hack Shack Liquor proudly carries the following liquor products.

About the Hack Shack

Chuck and Mary HackworthHack Shack Liquor is owned and operated by husband and wife, Chuck and Mary Hackworth. The Hackworths take pride in their successful business, but their passion derives from the way it brings people together. They love the cheerful atmosphere and that it can produce an accidental gathering of friends where long conversations are triggered about what’s going on in the valley.

“Hack Shack” is not a new name, nor was it created for a far-fetched venture into the retail liquor business. After leaving Colorado to join a colleague in the health insurance profession, Chuck and Mary bought an old farm in Ohio. It was the perfect place to raise kids.

Next to the barn stood an old building that had a creaky wood door and a glass front wood-burning stove that seemed to invite fire, a hot beverage, and a lively conversation. It became a place to escape the day. The kids dubbed it the “Hack Shack”.

Hack Shack Liquor seemed an appropriate name in honor of those special days at the farm, and a reminder that a happy gathering of family and friends can happen by chance and almost anywhere.

What Folks are Saying

  • "The owners of this place are just about as average as you get for the Greenhorn Valley area, which is to say that they are exceptionally kind, down-to-earth people. My wife and I moved to Colorado City about a year ago and will drive a bit out of our way to purchase from Hack Shack."
    Andrew M.
  • "Great selection and great customer service! I wanted a nice bottle of wine, which I know nothing about, to take as a gift. Chuck not only came to my aid and helped me select what turned out to be a GREAT bottle of wine, he packaged it in a pretty little gift bag."
    Shirley P.
  • "Customer service is important and they have nailed it here. Greeted with smiles and always a thank you for stopping by is just the norm. Great prices and have even been able to get one of my favorites in stock! Thank you."
    Jimmie P.
  • "Why do I shop at Hack Shack? There are a number of reasons I get my spirits at The Hack Shack. First, I like the fact that Hack Shack has what I want. The occasional bottle of bubbly? Yes. Spirits? Yes. And every once in a while I want a craft beer, and they have my Laughing Lab. Second, I appreciate the way the good folks there have built their business. If people remember, that store used to have a very thin inventory. Not so now. Finally, I like the proprietors. The owners are almost always there, and they are always friendly and positive. The bottom line - I can get my adult beverages in town, but I can get them locally for the same price. For me, the choice is obvious."
    Ray D.
  • "I wanted to take the time to write a review of this excellent local business. Chuck and Mary (owners of this store) go far and beyond to make your purchase a great experience. They welcome you every time you come in the store and know everyone by name. They take the time to get to know their customers. It is my pleasure to recommend this wonderful family-owned business, to all in the valley."
    Pat M.
  • “Hack Shack Liquor is the best liquor store in the area. It is my favorite store and their inventory is awesome. Always well-stocked, clean, helpful, and organized.”
    Cheryl B.
  • “Being in a small town sometimes is tough if you really enjoy premium ciders and other libations. The Hack Shack owner’s Mary and Chuck sure do keep me coming back for cold and new cider and beer choices.”
    Sharon and Brian P.

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